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Intuit designed QuickBooks Pro with the intent of making the Accounting and Inventory process smooth and easy for small and mid-sized businesses. It has an easy to understand and simple User interface. QuickBooks Pro comes loaded with highly useful tools and features to record business transactions, invoices, reports and managing purchasing orders. Bookkeepers and Accountants all over the world speak highly of Reports generated by QuickBooks. You can learn a lot more about your business and find out the jobs that are making you money and the ones that are not doing good. You can make highly profitable business decisions based on the data provided by the auto-generated reports. In case, if you are not able to send Email from QuickBooks Pro, get in touch with the QuickBooks ProAdvisors or reset any changes that you have made recently to the default settings of QuickBooks. Just dial the toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1866-656-1012 and get a QuickBooks Experts to set up the mail for you.

QuickBooks Pro can be integrated with several third-party applications and tools to provide you a better experience and value from the software. It is also excellent in handling and managing payroll, organizing receipts, backup and storage. It can also be integrated with Microsoft Office applications. You will be able to export the Reports from QuickBooks to Microsoft Excel and lists to Microsoft Word.

How To Setup Email In QuickBooks 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018?

You have to configure your personal Email with QuickBooks if you want to email Invoices, Reports, Tax information and much more. Go to the Webmail option in your QuickBooks and select the email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo Mail whichever you prefer. Provide the credentials of your account like your Username and Password. If you using MS Outlook for your Email then choose Outlook Express in Webmail options. For using Webmail with QuickBooks you need to have an account with the Internet Service Provider(ISP).

QuickBooks Email Set up with WebMail – Gmail

You can easily set up your Email in QuickBooks by following the steps mentioned below. It does not much time to set up the account and the steps are really simple.

  1. Open your QuickBooks on your screen.
  2. Go to Edit and then click on Preferences.
  3. Choose to Send Forms and then click on Add
  4. Add info window will pop-up on your screen.
  5. Type your Gmail/Yahoo mail login details
  6. Choose Gmail/yahoo mail in the Email provider drop-down menu.
  7. On clicking OK your Gmail/Yahoo mail/outlook account appears in the Email Id field and add this as current default.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Check whether the account has been properly set up by emailing a transaction or a report.

QuickBooks Email Set up with MS Outlook or Outlook Express

If you are using Outlook then you have to choose the link for email program you want to set up and you can follow the steps mentioned:

  1. Open QuickBooks Software on your monitor screen.
  2. Go to Edit and click on Preferences.
  3. Choose to Send forms to verify if your email client is shown in the option in the send emailing using window.
  4. If your email client is not highlighted, click on the option you want and then click on OK.

Note: The process is the same for Outlook Express and Outlook Express

Help Technical Support QuickBooks Email Setup

You may encounter errors or issues while trying to set up email services from QuickBooks as it is a complex process if you are new to QuickBooks.  But don’t worry and just get help from the QuickBooks Experts by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012. They will help you over the phone in setting up the QuickBooks Email services.

Looking For Support? Contact Our ProAdvisors +1866-656-1012

You can also choose to use the Live Chat Support Services from the website and the chat services will be provided by the Intuit Certified QuickBooks Experts.

QuickBooks Pro Email Set up

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