How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6154?

QuickBooks is the top Accounting, Inventory, and Financial Management software and it has successfully single-handedly revolutionized the entire Accounting and Financial Management industry. It has provided with result oriented tools and features which have accelerated growth and profit while saving on time and resources which can be spent on other productive areas of the business. It is a misconception about QuickBooks that it is very complex software. It cannot be farther from the truth as QuickBooks has one of the most User-Friendly software and one can use it without having any background in Accounting and Coding.

This bookkeeping software sometimes runs into errors and glitches which can hamper your work. You will get an error code and message on your screen which can help the QuickBooks Experts in resolving the error. You can contact the QuickBooks ProAdvisors by dialing their toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

In this article, we will be talking in detail about the QuickBooks Error 6154 and also show you how you can fix it.

The Error message on your screen will be:

“The QB error 6154 occurred when QuickBooks company file not open or QB unable to open specified folder or file.”

Reason For QuickBooks Error Code 6154

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6154?

The QuickBooks Experts of provided some user-friendly Solutions to resolve this error. However, if you are not a person who has some technical knowledge about troubleshooting then we recommend that you get in touch with the QuickBooks Experts by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number.

Solution1 – System Administrator

  1. Reboot your Computer and log in as the System Administrator.
  2. Check if you have the access to the folder where you have stored your QuickBooks Company file.
  3. Retry opening your QuickBooks now. If it still does not open then move on to the next solution.

Solution 2:

This error usually occurs if the QuickBooks Company file is stored in the C: drive of the computer system or a folder with a lot of files. Retry ‘Sync Now’ after 30 minutes.

Solution 3 :

  1. Move the company file
  • Move the company file to a different folder on your local storage device.
  • Browse the computer and choose a new location for storing the file.
  • Got to the new location and create a new folder.
  • Go to the current location of the file and press Ctrl+A to select all the files then press Ctrl+X to cut all the files.
  • Return to the new location and press Ctrl+V to paste the files in the new folder.
  1. Reset Sync Manager
  • Open QuickBooks on your screen.
  • Got Help menu > Manage Data Sync > Reset Sync Manager.
  • Log in with your Credentials.
  • Allow Sync Manager to complete the first sync.

Support For QuickBooks Errors and Issues, Troubleshooting Support

We hope that the above mentioned two solutions have fixed the QuickBooks Error 6154 on your desktop. However, if that is not the case, then you can get in touch with the Intuit Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

Looking For Support? Contact Our ProAdvisors +1866-656-1012

The QuickBooks Experts can be called for support from their toll-free QuickBooks tech Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 and for online chat option, browse the website –

QuickBooks Error 6154

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