In this article, we will show you how you can easily get rid of the QuickBooks Error 15102 from your computer. This error can be fixed in three easy solutions. The steps are clear and to the point and you will not face any problem or confusion in following the steps.

This QuickBooks error is usually prompted on your screen when you are trying to download a Payroll or QuickBooks Desktop Update.

The error message on your screen will be: “Failed to reset update.

Dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-9112 to get in touch with the QuickBooks ProAdvisors who can fix this error for you.

What Causes QuickBooks Error 15102?

  1. Shared Download in enabled, but the location stated for the download is either Invalid or not accessible.
  2. You are using your QuickBooks in a terminal services environment in multi-user mode.
  3. You are not logged in as the System Administrator or you are not running the software as an Administrator.

Note: You must have an Active Payroll Subscription.

Other Errors which can show up on your screens:

  1. QuickBooks Error 15101
  2. QuickBooks Error 15222
  3. QuickBooks Error 15311
  4. QuickBooks Error 15223

How To Fix The QuickBooks Error 15102?

Solution 1: Switch to single user mode

In this mode, only one User can use QuickBooks at a time. Ask all the other Users to exit from QuickBooks. To exit from your QB follow these steps:

  1. Open QuickBooks on your screen.
  2. Go to File Menu.
  3. Select Switch to Single user

Solution 2: Verifying the mapped file location

  1. Open the Product Information window by pressing Ctrl+1 together.
  2. Look for the mapped location path and note it.
  3. Go to Help > Update QuickBooks.
  4. Tap on the Options tab. Make sure that the information in Download Location is accurate.
  5. If the information is incorrect, then choose No for shared download if Yes is selected and vice-versa.
  6. Click on Save.
  7. Now, try to download the update again.

Solution 3: Remap the Drive

  1. Exit your QuickBooks Company file.
  2. Remap the drive to the latest letter.
  3. Now, open your Company file by using the new-mapped drive letter.
  4. Select Help > Update QuickBooks.
  5. Tap on the Options tab.
  6. Switch the Shared Window option off and then on again.
  7. Make sure that the download location is utilizing the mapped drive letter.
  8. Tap on Save and then click on Close.
  9. Now, try to download the update again.

How To Get In Touch With The QuickBooks ProAdvisors?

To get in touch with the QuickBooks ProAdvisors, all you have to do is simply dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-9112 from your cell phone. Your call will be directed to the Technical Support Department of They are considered to be the best support services provider and they are based out of New Jersey, USA.

Looking For Support? Contact Our ProAdvisors +1888-382-9112

Chat with the Intuit Certified QuickBooks Experts by clicking on the Chat icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen. Fill the form with your information and then click on Submit. They will reply within a few minutes.

QuickBooks Error 15102

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