Void Check When Its Already Recorded

How To Void a Check Not Recorded in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the most used Accounting and Financial Management software that allows the Users to void the checks if there is a mistake. It is pretty common for Users to make mistakes while doing invoices, Paying the clients and employees using QuickBooks software. The most common mistakes are entering the wrong amount on a check, issuing a check with the wrong name on it or adding an incorrect date on your checks. In such a case, you can use QuickBooks to void a check before completing the transaction.

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We have received several questions related to this topic like:

How to void a check in QuickBooks 2016?

How to void an unused check in QuickBooks?

How to void a check in QuickBooks 2017?

In this article, we will be providing the answer to all these questions and show you can easily void checks in your QuickBooks.

How Do You Enter a Voided Check In QuickBooks?

The voided check stay within the application’s registry, but the check’s amount is changed to zero. You can go into voided transactions to see the check’s number, payee and date as they also remain in the registry as a record of the voided transaction. You can use this feature to undo the mistakes that have been done while creating the checks.

There are two processes to enter a voided check which you can follow:

  • Open QuickBooks on your screen and navigate to Plus Sign (+).
  • Go to Checks.
  • Complete the following fields
  1. Bank Account:
  2. Check#:
  3. Date: (with the date the check was issued)
  4. Account:

Note: Select the exact expense account or any random account. Do not worry as it is a zero dollar transaction it will not affect the balance on your account.

  • Click on more than choose Void.
  • Choose “Yes” when you get the prompt with this message on your screen “Are you sure you want to void this check?”

Voiding a Check within QuickBooks

  • Go to Banking and then choose Register
  • Click on the account from which you wrote the check.
  • Click on the check number/entry you want to void.
  • Now, Select Edit and then choose Void Check.
  • Choose Yes.

Note:  You will get a message on your screen asking if you want to void the check in the current period. It will update your company’s journal with the date you are voiding the check on and changes the check’s amount to zero.

  • Click No

Note: You can void the check by using the data it was issued on. It would not affect your company’s journal. It will be shown as a voided check.

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How To Void a Check Not Recorded in QuickBooks?

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